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Based in Los Angeles, California, L2 Interiors was founded in 2010 by Stephanie Leese and Jason Lai. The firm specializes in the interior design and decoration of residential and small commercial projects. As young designers Stephanie and Jason bring a fresh perspective and originality to their work while maintaining a high level of technical expertise and extraordinary attention to detail.

Using the latest technology and interior design trends, Stephanie and Jason provide each client with a unique and intelligent approach to each design. Results are innovative, unique and tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

L2 Interiors has the capability and willingness to design in a wide range of styles and can work within any design aesthetic. From mid-century modern to classic mission; contemporary lofts to traditional Tudor-style houses; chic condos to beach cottages: L2 Interiors can do it all.




Partner, Principal Designer

Stephanie Leese received her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design in 2008 from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Upon relocation to Southern CA, she became a studio account executive at high-end furniture retailer Design Within Reach. This experience provided her extensive knowledge of mid-century modern furnishings and, directly impacted founding L2 Interiors by providing a one-on-one design experience with her clients.

Stephanie’s role as Principal Designer is influenced by her strong technical skills and her natural design intuition. Her knowledge of AutoCAD, Photoshop and 3D modeling software provides the firm with the ability to quickly provide the client with floor plans and renderings.

Stephanie loves to travel and while studying at Kent State spent a semester abroad, in Florence Italy. She loves dogs and has rescued two of her own, Polly & Mochi, who enjoy spending days at the office and love going to the beach.  Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town makes her even more appreciative of Los Angeles, the beautiful weather, amazing people and its laid back lifestyle.



Partner, Principal Designer

Jason Lai received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing and Communications from California State University, Fullerton in 2006. After studying 3 years of business he realized that he wasn’t fulfilling his creative mind and decided to enroll himself in the Interior Design program at Mount San Antonio College and received his Interior Design certification in 2006. While studying both marketing and interior design, he took a job as a professional showroom designer, winning awards for his floor plan, space planning, and design. Jason had the honor to work at Pasadena Showcase House of Design in 2009 and 2010 and again in 2012 and 2013, with L2 Interiors, showcasing his talent and personality.

Jason’s role as Principal Designer is influenced from over 7 years experience in the design industry and his marketing background. He has mastered an array of styles; from modern to traditional and anything in between. He is a driven and focused designer and L2 Interiors is his platform to share his passion with his clients and embrace his creativity.

Aside from design, Jason loves to travel and experience different cultures.  Everywhere he goes he finds new inspiration that can be found through his interior design work. He considers himself somewhat of a wine connoisseur and loves spending time with friends in the Santa Barbara wine country.




Anneliese received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in 2012 from California State University, Northridge.  After graduating, she wanted to experience the different fields available within the design industry. From construction, commercial kitchen design, residential design to working in the Tile and Stone business, she has acquired extensive experience. For the past 3 years, Anneliese has worked in the wholesale tile and stone industry acquiring relationships with designers, contractors and builders.  During this time she was able to have her kitchen and bath designs come to life. She met Stephanie and Jason while helping them on a few projects over the years and they built an amazing relationship.  It allowed her fire for interior design to develop into residential design which led her to join L2 Interiors. She is a determined and driven designer, using her creativity to capture the client’s imagination.

Anneliese’s essence of design is manifested into every space she creates.  From the beginning construction stages to the final touch, her passion for design has never gone unnoticed.

Aside from designing, Anneliese enjoys cooking and baking for family and friends. She loves to travel and experience new cultures that inspire her to implement different food dishes.  Shopping for designer athletic shoes encourages her to work out and maintain a healthy style of living. She loves living in Los Angeles, enjoying the beautiful California sun and driving fast cars down the coast.



Julia has extensive experience in the Interior Design industry. Her positions have included managing both wholesale and retail furniture showrooms.  Through these roles she has been able to expand her knowledge of high-end furniture and the design process, while accommodating the needs and high expectations of internationally renowned designers and their high profile clients.  Her excellent administrative and interpersonal skills that have allowed her to expand business, sales and client partnerships throughout her career.

In her spare time she enjoys living by the ocean in Redondo Beach where she can walk her elderly dog, Kaiser.  When time permits she takes the opportunity to visit her sons in Washington DC and Seattle, WA and family in Europe.